Strawberry Buttercream Pistachio 6" Cake AVAILABLE SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ONLY

  • $42.00
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AVAILABLE FOR SAT. & SUN. order pick up only.

This cake is a pretty little treat for a special ocassion or just because! This dessert features buttercream made with strawberry puree and a fragrant cake spotlighting pistachios, almond extract, a dash of cardamom, and a hint of orange.

INGREDIENTS: wheat flour, sugar, egg whites, milk, Cabot Greek yogurt, butter, toasted pistachios, baking powder, almond extract, salt, and cardamom. 

Frosting: Butter, egg whites, sugar, strawberry puree, salt, vanilla extract.

Garnish: Strawberries, candied orange, decorative flowers/greenery.

Serves 8