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48 Central Street, Salem MA 01970 & 139 Boston Street, Salem MA
21 - 23 usd / hour
Wed, Aug 31, 2022
Full time

A&J King Artisan Bakers is looking to hire a FULL TIME Assistant Retail Manager for their retail operations at their locations at both 48 Central Street and 139 Boston Street in Salem. We are an artisan bakery producing high quality bread and pastry. We not only have our retail locations in Salem, MA, but also a large wholesale presence across the North Shore, Boston, and beyond! We just celebrated our 16th year in business, and our 14th straight Best of the North Shore award. But enough about us!


The Assistant Manager’s main responsibility is to oversee the general operations of the retail café in the absence of the Senior Retail Operations Manager. They are to uphold the standards of A&J King Artisan Bakers in attitude, training, sanitation, local health codes and values. The Assistant Retail Manager is a point of knowledge for the members of the retail staff as well as mitigatory presence for customer relations.


 3 years experience in cafe/food service

 1 year barista experience

 A valid driver's license (for Farmer's Market van driving, and to be able to work at either of our locations)


All employees are paid a base wage (no less than minimum wage) and an additional bonus per paycheck referred to as administration wages which varies depending on how busy the bakery is. Right now, that bonus adds at least an additional $3.00 per hour to each employee's base wage in their paycheck. So, for example, employees making $18 per hour are taking home around $21.00 per hour. To learn more, please see our website:

The pay range listed INCLUDES administration wages added to the base wage. More details during interview.


The Assistant Retail Manager must be able to uphold customer service standards for themselves as well as staff at A&J King. They are responsible for ensuring that the retail staff are following the requirements in the A&J King employee handbook, they are also required to uphold local health and sanitation codes with relation to employees.

The Assistant Retail Manager should expect to spend most of their hours on the retail floor except for designated office tasks. The Assistant Retail Manager should build relationships between the staff and customer and act as a point of reference for retail employees to bring concerns to the upper management of A&J King. They are to help train and impart the values of A&J King to new and/or experienced employees.


 Unlock & securing the bakery facility

 Be able to work at both retail locations (Boston Street and Central Street)

 Set up registers with cash for the day.

 Work behind the counter using the POS system.

 Order taking and packing

 Order correction or voids when applicable.

 Cash handling

 Report profits

 Make deposits

 Get change from the bank

 Receive and check in orders accurately. Take one inventory regularly.

 Uphold local sanitary laws for both the facility and staff

 Assess cleanliness of retail area and assign cleaning tasks

 Make espresso related syrups, chocolate, caramels, or teas.

 Advise Senior Retail Operations Manager in creating employee work schedules

 Report employee issues to supervisory managers and owners

 Provide positive feedback to employees

 Create positive customer relations

 Sit in on interviews at the head manager’s request.

 Train new employees & provide additional training to staff if needed.

 Be knowledgeable about the functions in the bakery and the products produced

 Able to make espresso drinks using the A&J King recipes and training provided to assist assigned baristas.

 Make coffee and be able to troubleshoot basic issues.

 Be punctual and accountable for their own schedule

 Hold a valid driver’s license, may need to attend Farmers Markets on occasion.

 Be a point of contact between departments.

 Be able to communicate effectively via email and internal systems.

 Proficient in the use of Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, and Outlook programs.

 Will be responsible upkeeping the POS system, updated daily specials and baked goods inventory.

 Be available to cover shifts during absences, be that for planned absences (vacations, time off, doctors’ appointments etc.) or in the case of an unplanned absence within reason (sickness, bereavement etc.)

 If holding shifts at the Boston street café at the main production facility, communicating needs relating to Farmers Markets. Such as POS updates needed, cash out, disposables needed for the market etc.

 Be ServeSafe certified or become ServeSafe Certified.

 Uphold all requirements laid out in the A&J King Employee Handbook


 Communication - Able to respond and exchange ideas clearly and effectively through writing, speaking, and presentations; shares appropriate information to keep people informed; is seen as approachable.

 Teamwork - Values the opinions of others; assists others when needed; participates effectively as member of a team; balances personal contributions and needs with those of other members of the team to achieve common objectives.

 Problem Solving - Analyzes problems to identify probable cause; thinks of new possibilities; identifies critical issues and develops options for addressing them; able to incorporate other viewpoints as part of the process of developing solutions.

 Customer service – be able to be consistently friendly with customers in order help them to purchase the items that they need and want. Make all customers feel welcome.

 Detail Oriented – Be able to follow specific guidelines to assure products are made correctly. Must be able to follow specific information related to product descriptions.

 Must be able to follow basic recipes and perform basic conversions when needed..

 Ability to meet standards consistently

 Diligence & Endurance – Works physically hard to maintain a sanitary work environment and shows an ability to stand for long periods of time.

 Punctual- Must show up on time to open café for business at the commencement of business hours as well as to relieve early shifts from their duties.

 Security -Is responsible for keeping A&J King Bakery secured and/or issued property secured.

o Issued property such as keys/passwords are not to be copied/reproduced in any way or issued to personal that have not been officially issued to.

o Bakery property is to be secured, be it money, equipment, or the facility.

 Office Skills: Must have basic competency of Microsoft Office, this includes Microsoft Excel. Must have general knowledge of the back-end use of a POS system. Can perform basic file conversion.

 Must be able to type and have general knowledge of appropriate email construction.

 Must be able learn to use bakery specific ordering systems: Shopify and Streamline.

 Will be expected to have basic phone skills. At times it is necessary that the Assistant Manager contact customers, vendors, purveyors, or repair companies via phone in a professional manner.

 Hours Flexibility/Holidays: Weekend availability is a must. The Assistant Retail Manager must be able to have scheduling flexibility around the holidays to oversee and manage our busiest days of the year: the days of the week leading up to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. 3 Day weekends are busy and often need more hands-on oversight from management.

 Unexpected closures/snow emergencies etc. The on-duty manager will be responsible for securing the facility in the event of an unexpected early closure. If the café is closed due to a weather event, snowstorm, the on-duty manager may need to be available to work remotely to complete certain management tasks.


This Assistant Manager Position will be scheduled for Wednesday through Sunday.

There will most likely be a "seasonal" manager schedule, but no guarantee of regular weekend days off. Overall, the management team should be prepared to work the weekends. Managers should be flexible enough in schedule that during times where there is a staffing issue (due to sickness, emergency, or time of year) that managers work together to cover gaps and it does not fall on any one manager. There will be more seasonal manager schedules, so shift adjustments will happen around the major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter) The schedule may also be adjusted due to changes in staffing and staff availability.

The managers are the first line of defense for staffing issues. If an employee is sick, quits or employment is terminated it is expected that the management team will try and pick up the slack where needed so as not to affect the retail staff and to facilitate business.

The main responsibility of the retail management team is to work with customers and to make the jobs of those under them run smoothly. Taking on this position means that you will be expected to work more closely with customers and be the face of the higher functions of the business. You are representing a business and need to help embody the ideals and values of the business.

If there are important events that are going to potentially interfere with regularly scheduled shifts or are coming up that would prevent the Assistant Retail Manager from covering shifts, communicate with the other managers in a timely, proactive manner. This will aid in everyone’s needs (the business and the employee) being met in a non-stressful manner.

Holidays, big (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter) or small (Indigenous Peoples Day/Columbus Day) are all hands on the deck for the management team. So even if you are not "regularly" scheduled on that day, be prepared to work unless a communicated schedule conflict is set up far in advance.


The Assistant Retail Manager will supervise the Retail Associate Staff and Retail Baristas. They may need to assist in the kitchen during busy times to help expedite orders but are generally expected to be primarily focused on the retail crew. They will provide feedback to the Senior Retail Operations Manager for employee reviews and schedule changes.

Will be responsible for Quality Control on items received. May be required to taste test items to ensure that they are within the standards expected of A&J King products.


The Assistant Retail Manager should be able to work on their feet for extended periods of time in a fast paced, retail service environment and be able to lift 30 lbs. Due to this being a baking facility at times the Assistant Retail Manager will be expected to work in a hot kitchen environment with ovens and other hot stove tops.

Must be able to work outdoors if attending a farmers market.

We look forward to meeting you!

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