Safety Protocols in the Bakery:


  • As a food service company, we have always abided by many of the rules that public health officials are now recommending to the general populous – regular handwashing for 20 seconds, washing and sanitization of equipment and small wares, regular cleaning, etc. However, in this unprecedented time, we understand that more attention must be paid to our safety and sanitation protocols.
  • We have a 7,500 sqft facility with large working spaces. This allows for ample space for people to work with plenty of physical distancing in mind.
  • We are limiting the amount of people working at one time, based on the current public health recommendations. As things improve in the public health sphere in our area we will make changes accordingly.
  • For now, this generally means not more than two to three people will be working in a large room at one time for an extended period of time. All packing stations are at least, if not more than, 6 ft separated from each other so that each person can easily pack your items with ample physical distancing. 
  • All employees will be wearing masks and following proper hand washing procedures, and the use of gloves is being strictly enforced, as is the wiping of all surfaces with approved cleaners. Hand sanitizer will be available in every room of the bakery.
  • We are following CDC and OSHA recommendations along with local public health rules. We have also written a specific sanitation plan for our facility for all employees to review and abide by during this time.
  • We are closely monitoring the health of our employees on a daily basis:
    • All employees must take their temperature before clocking in.
    • If an employee is not feeling well, they cannot come to work. If they live with anyone who is not well, they are also asked not to come to work so we and they can assess the situation.
    • Our employees have access to regular sick time and this still remains the case for all illnesses, with an additional 80 hours of paid time for designated COVID-19 related absences.
  • We will also be confirming with all of our suppliers to make sure and review their safety procedures to make sure that everyone entering the bakery abides by the same protocols that we are setting for our own employees.