Twice Baked Chocolate Cherry Pistachio Croissant

  • $6.00

We take our buttery flaky plain croissants, split them open, smear on sweet almond vanilla filling and fill with Deacon Giles soaked dried cherries, pistachios, and don't for get the chocolate batons already in there! More frangipane goes on top along with more pistachios. These are baked again becoming quite dark and crunchy but with a moist flavorful filling inside.  They are heavily dusted with confectioner’s sugar after cooling and therefore have a very snowy appearance.  


Wheat Flour, water, sugar, butter, milk powder, yeast, salt, eggs, almond flour, pistachios, dried cherries, local Deacon Giles Rum, almond extract, confectioner’s sugar, and chocolate batons (contains soy lecithin).