Orange Raisin Babka AVAILABLE FOR ORDER ON 4/8 & 4/9 ONLY

  • $16.00

This product is only available for order pick up on Saturday 4/8 and Sunday 4/9. Pick up will be at 139 Boston Street.

A traditional Jewish celebration bread for you to enjoy. Our Babka is an enriched dough, rolled thin and (new this year) spread with a rich raisin & citrus filling, curled into a spiral, cut in half, braided and shaped into a rounded loaf. Once baked it is iced with a tangy citrus glaze.  This babka even has has a bit of A&J Kings very own house-milled flour in it!  Serve this sweet bread cut into wedges for a dessert or as a special morning breakfast treat. Serves 6-8



Dough: Wheat flour, house milled whole wheat, water, salt, yeast, milk, eggs, sugar, butter, orange zest.

Raisin Filling: butter, sugar, raisins, orange juice, orange zest, salt.

Citrus Glaze: orange juice, confectioner’s sugar, orange zest