Our Book

In 2012, we were approached by Page Street Publishing to write our first book on baking. After a year or so of hard work, it was released on August 27th, 2013, distributed by MacMillan to a bookstore near you. We're very proud of it, here's a picture:

We wrote it to get back to our baking roots, and to empower the home baker to craft artisan breads at home. The book stresses working with your hands (no mixers were used in the making of any product featured within), getting to know the environment in which you're baking (imperative for successful bread baking), and using locally sourced produce whenever possible (because, well, it tastes better. Period).

The recipes cover many (but not all!) of the products we serve at the bakery, from ciabatta to sticky buns to pickles, and even some specials we have yet to put into bakery production. There's a little something in there for everyone.

We hope you enjoy it!