Making artisan bread is not about following a recipe.  It is about honing technique and honoring tradition.  We have opened A&J King, Artisan Bakers in order to bring those traditions to your table in the form of beautiful handcrafted breads and pastries.  We are not doing anything new, just something that has been forgotten by some in an increasingly “on-demand” world. 

Artisan breads take time, effort, and most of all, patience. Our breads are to be enjoyed over a couple days, not a whole week or more, so we hope to see your faces often.  There are no preservatives or unnatural ingredients used in our products. 

It is our hope that more and more communities will have bakeries of their own as people are reintroduced to the freshness of locally-made products. We are proud to join those bakers who have helped revitalize the artisan bread movement in this country.

It is important to remember that what makes these breads and pastries great is not that we are making them, but rather the traditions we are guided by, which have been around for centuries.  We are just followers of those traditions.

We want to be your local bakers.